Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Timed out

The cat with no lives left.

Yesterday's near death experience was an illuminating time for me, not only did I feel I was going to die but in the light of the new day it reminded of an experience I had in college. 

I have always been a strong swimmer -- not a fast one -- and had strong legs and one day they saved my life in a swimming pool at Weston-Super-Mare. I was swimming with some friends and decided it would be fun to hold me under in the deep end, as I kicked and struggled to rise to the surface I found myself losing the battle, until one kick landed in his face and he let got of me.

After surfacing my breath back, I circled to see a smiling face emerge from the water, "Did you enjoy the scare?" he said jokingly, as if nothing was wrong.

With as much venom and hatred as I could muster, I spat back, "You try anything like that again and I WILL kill you!"

A few weeks later we were on the sands playing soccer and I was running with the ball, as he couldn't get to the ball he started to kick my ankles, at which point I turned and decked him with a right jab, to great cheers from his friends.

In the next week or two, you can read how this incident almost got me on a 252 charge in the RAF at my friend's FB page https://www.facebook.com/TheIndiePENdents 

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