Monday, 16 December 2013

The two minute window.

In a previous post I mentioned that other than, the only group on LinkedIN where I felt welcome was AuthorU run by Dr. Judith Briles-Judith asked me to join, why, I have no idea.

In a group consisting of selling authors, people with marketing successes and qualifications I was made to feel my opinion counted, and there I was a non-selling gaining their respect-if you take time to listen, even the smallest person can teach you something.

Judith respected me so much I was asked to lead some discussions, as the man on the sales floor.
One such discussion was called "The Two Minute Window" and was about the time you have to get a sale. To demonstrate my point I used two books-one of mine and one from my tutor at Writers Bureau.

1st contact-Eye candy is vital, you need a good cover to catch the buyer. I had a young lady with a smoking gun-:) and he had a young girl screaming-:)

2nd and most vital element-Cover to title link. Mine was titled "The Dockland Murders" :) link here is obvious. His was called "Sheep" at this point the buyer is thinking-what the heck and he's lost vital seconds :(

3rd part-Blurb on the rear cover. My book told the story of a young PI fighting for recognition and had a chance of a sale :) His was about-??????? buyers were lost with no cover to image link and put the book back.

This is the same tutor who ripped my work to shreds, when I left WB he told me he had been touting his latest book for over 20 years to publishers-surely this tells you something-and he has a degree.

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