Thursday, 19 December 2013

The growing library

Today I ventured into the city and visited my favourite book store, mainly because my children got me gift tokens for Christmas-it is easier than buying me a book, as I have an eclectic taste as you will see. The only sure thing not to get me is books from the Black Library.
 It isn't that I have gone off Warhammer and Warhammer 40K books, on the contrary, I started to collect signed and numbered edition but a family crisis occurred and this meant I couldn't get the third in the series, and now I have two signed and numbered limited editions loose from an incomplete series. I usually buy this direct from the site in Nottingham, England.

 My editor, Julia, asked me to buy a revised version of Marcel Proust's biography a month or two ago and while I do enjoy it, the continual complaining by M. Proust over trivial items gets to you 
 I did find the homo-erotic tone of the work a little off putting at first, but I didn't judge him because of his tendencies, we each live our own life. But, the constant letters asking his mother's permission or advice over things like sponges is a little foppish, to say the least, and when his mother died at the turn of the 20th century, he complained he couldn't live on $4,000 a week.
 The main interest for me is the socio-historic aspect of the work, M. Proust was around at the time when a lot of major things happened in France and the people he mixed with read like a veritable who' who of the art world at the time.

While reading this heavy work, I decided to read a book to break the study and chose one from one of the UK's top romance writers-George Eliot, yes, I know it a lady writer, don't be shocked by me reading a lady.

  I have no objection to reading ladies, I am a big fan of Tammi Hoag and was a fan of Kathy Rieches too. I need to search my book case to find the copy of Wuthering Heights a friend bought me for my birthday, some years ago too.

However, today's treats take me across the globe and back in time and then into steampunk culture and another lady I enjoy reading. 
First to the Russian reading section; don't be shocked, I had already read "One day in the life" and "An Incident at Krechetovka Station" by Solzhnetsin. For a few years I have wanted to try to read Pushkin and today I treated myself to a collection of his stories, I also got a collection by fellow Russian writer Checkov. I do like Russian literature, but I am far from being a Communist, as I witnessed at first hand the hardships when I was in my teens. I don't like all Russian literature, a year ago I tried to read "The Night Watch," which was supposed to be a darker version of Harry Potter and never got on with the plots.

My last buy today was the follow up story to "Four and Twenty Blackbirds" by Cherie Priest and if it is half as good it will be brilliant 

 and I also have in my library 

 Although the Proust is a biography-a genre I tend to avoid-it is not the first one I have read as I have read Chet Baker's, Moshe' Dayan's, and as well as a copy of Chaim Herzog's, I also have a biography of Lord Byron by Edna O'Brien.

On order for Christmas
                                                                                                                                                           New Year

One thing does concern me, one friend commented my stories were like Wilkie Collins's, so, I tries to read his best known story "The Moonstone," and after 100 pages-less than a third of the book-I had to put it aside as I found it too boring and I wasn't the only person who felt like that as there are over 100 others on Amazon.

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