Monday, 16 December 2013

The effectiveness of the internet for me

The effectiveness of the internet-or lack of such.

 Over the past several years since I came on line, I have noticed there is a lack of effectiveness in many of the services involved.
Facebook is good for general chat, but for promoting work it is almost useless-yet this is still one of the better services.

Google+ - Since returning G+ has moved from third place to second place in the table of effectiveness, but even so, with all the various circles I got linked to, I have seen little to no reaction.

RebelMouse-On my previous blog this was my second most active site after StumbleUpon-which is still the best for me-however, since returning to Google, the amount of interaction has dropped to nil.

LinkedIn-This site was one of the first I joined and from here I learned about Bookrix-a German site, now aimed at the German market place-LinkedIn started well, but over the course of time various people on there made me feel either cheap, because I couldn't afford publicity or like a fool. The only groups I missed being a part of are AuthorU and; I was made to feel welcome and respected in both.

Bookrix-A German funded site, whose market plan is 50% or more aimed at the German sites-naturally-was good when I joined, but over the months on site, it became clear the site was run for a select group and by said group, in the end politics caused many a good writer to leave this site-despite claims that it is doing well it is floundering and losing writers-the reason for the false figures is because many of those who left didn't delete their accounts and it appears they are still on site.

Twitter-On Twitter I had over 50 'followers,' assuming each follower had one more that is 250 links and so on and so on. In the two spells on Twitter I averaged less than one blog read per month-abysmal you say, but there is more-and yet, I kept getting Tweats to pay for followers by the thousand; this would only have lessened its usefulness more in my opinion. Other than the tweat which gave me the link to the Merrill Collection I got no use out of Twitter and have not suffered from cancelling the account.

Scrib'd-I joined Scrib'd because a friend sold several copies of her story within an hour of joining. I was on the site for over four months and despite having hundreds of readers for the opening pages of Chronicles, I never(!) saw a sale; again I saw no effect on cancelling the connection.

Book Town-I was put on to this site by a person I knew and again, although they found it good, I found little or no use in the site.

Tumbler-I was on this site for two months and all of the time it was out of action, so, I can make no judgement on its effectiveness.

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