Friday, 13 December 2013

The curse of the 13th

Before we go further, I am superstitious but not overly so, to the extremes of deliberately avoiding things. Many superstitions are common sense-don't walk under a ladder in case you bump it and the person falls off or if something fall down, it will fall straight and if you're below-OUCH!

 I have never been bothered about walking on cracks, but Friday 13th haunts me and this was long before the film was thought of, this goes back to my school days. One Friday 13th, I was on my way to school and the loops on the top of my duffle bag snapped and on the way home the bottom fell out, dumping my things in a muddy puddle.

Today saw the return of the curse; I was working on line from 2:30pm until 3:40pm GMT with no problems. I went to post a few letters and came back to find not only could I not get on line, I was locked out of my  laptop. The situation was so bad I was on the verge of buying a replacement, when after an hour it came back to life-for now.

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