Friday, 20 December 2013

Ten months in the making

Ten months ago I wrote a short story called "The Love of the Sea,"  for a friends blog, this was an extended version of my original story which appeared in "Sea Ghosts," . Sea Ghosts contains the story which should have come third in a writing contest on Facebook, had a viciously vindictive person I used to know not hacked the contest and pushed my story back to fourth the ramifications of the event are still going on . The end of the story for me is while the people above me got something from the contest, I ended up begging for nickels and dimes.

 The story is not the only thing changed, as you can see I recently changed covers and the new title is "A Sailor's love."

 Over the history of the story, it has grown from a 1,000 to 1,500 word short story and now exceeds 32,000 words and is still growing by the day-when I feel like writing, sadly I am lacking the urge these days.
 Ten months ago a friend asked had I thought of doing the short story as a novel? As it was the most read story on her blog. I hadn't thought anybody was that interested but decided to try and build a story up.
 On this blog, you can read how I got the idea for the story and a few lesser read ones too . Ten months on and I am still writing the story of the lost seaman and his young lover, only now I have added some mystical elements to the story and a lot more people. What happened to the original book? One copy got sold. Sea Ghosts sold two or three copies-what will happen next? I have no idea, beyond a deep trepidation that this will not succeed. I hope it does get some sales, ten months is the longest time I have worked on one story and I don't know what might happen if this fails as "Chronicles of Mark Johnson, " my award winning book did and that was followed by book 2 in the series dropping out of sight despite both books getting rave reviews from Fran Lewis in New York , these are the reviews of book 1 and book 2

 Ten months in the making and what future? I can't tell you as that is for you to decide.

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