Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Promoting success

Last year I spent a lot of time promoting the work of others, one such person was an Australian I knew called Pat Ritter. His stories of the outback and his days in the police force rose from 20 a month to over 20 a day with my help.

This year my friend Paula Shene in New Jersey paid me a huge compliment, she said on a friend's blog that I was the main promoter for our charity-The Peacock Writers-it is nice to feel you can help a friend or even people who can use some aid.

I have been asked by friends "What is your secret?"
I have no secret and when I did promote, I told everybody that all I could provide was a few extra links in the chain, beyond that is not in my control.
Even though I have been able to boost sales for others, I have never (!) been able to raise my sales-typical.

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