Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Perspectives-and how they can change.

Last October I won an award for my book Chronicles of  Mark Johnson and it is amazing how people's view of me changed overnight. Many of my Facebook 'friends' chose to shun me from that time, despite the fact I had helped promote their books-a favour few returned.
 I had not changed,but how they saw me had drastically changed. There are in my opinion many contributory factors; the main factor being for months I had college course news and "you need a degree, or a writing course" thrust down my throat at every turn. And yet, here I was with an award and no college qualifications or having been on a course. The only course I would have gone on at the time, was run here in Bristol, but at the time of the course I had an accident and tore the tendon in my left ankle-leading to months in a cast.
 The only thing I had in my favour was a good imagination and the ability to be a great story teller.
 From my early days in school, I had the feeling I could tell a good story-as my stories always got the best remarks from friends when we played our story telling war games. 
 I am coming to the end of an on line course-paid for by my editor-in the character development and interaction sections; I came above the average in all lessons, because my stories are dialogue driven for the majority.

 Julia my editor thinks the second Chronicles book-The Descent of Mark Johnson-is better than the first which won the award; why not get a copy and find out for yourself, be warned it gave me the shivers and I wrote it

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