Thursday, 12 December 2013

Patti's story

The story of Patti "Pat" Canella goes back three and a half years. From the outset her story was based on a misconception, the original start had a man enter a police station and being sent to a dingy out of the way office, as he enters he says, "I'm here to see Pat Canella."
 Patti replied, "I'm Pat, what can I do for you?"
 The startled man continued, "Listen girlie, I want to see Pat Canella."
 She replied, "You were expecting a tough Irish man or an Italian with a switch blade and ended up with me; I'm sorry to disillusion you, but in this case Pat is short for Patricia and I prefer Pat to Patti."

 From here, I started my original story but the more I wrote, the more story read like Nancy Drew and felt wrong to me, so that June I filed the story in my recycle bin and forgot about it-why I didn't delete it I don't know. In late September 2010 I received the only good tweet on Twitter in my time on there; it was for a contest ran by the Friends of the Merrill Collection, all I had to do was send in my email to be in with a chance of winning an e-book cover; I sent the email address in and thought nothing more about the subject, at that time I entered many contests and didn't get a thing.

 The month passed and I accepted I hadn't won the prize, I never expected to be in with a chance-no big loss-and then I received an email saying I  had won the cover and could I contact the artist to give her the book details. The cover was to become the starting point for a new adventure series about Patti and as I had a rep for good ghost stories I wrote in a supernatural element too.

At the time I didn't realise the Merrill Collection is the largest on line collection of speculative Sci-Fi in the Americas; every October I get an email inviting me to enter the annual contest, this year was no different apart from the fact I had decided not to enter the contest-I felt my work wasn't good enough-however, I changed my mind when my editor, Julia, said she liked one of my stories a lot. "Silence of the mind" is this year's entry and along with the stories "The Word," "The Stranger and the Indie," and "He was good" will feature in a new series called "The Indie Wars."

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