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Patti, Bill & Dennis

The story of Pat Canella has been told before http://hereiamattheedge.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/the-haunting-of-pat-canella.html#.UrDscdJdXDM but few people outside my closest friends know where the name originated. Let me take you back beyond the time of her origins.

 The original P.A. Canella wasn't the man in the Chronicles series, he was an unrecognised but well read writer who decided to play a few tricks on some friends; he gave them the run around, before the truth emerged at the end of an unseen series of comic stories-his stories had been ghost written by Lana Pawcel.

At this time, I had not thought of mixing them with the Chronicles series.That didn't happen for many months, until October 16th, 2011 to be exact.

The idea of the young lady called Patti emerged when I won an e-book cover.

The story starts with a stranger hunting her out; to solve a cold case murder from the 1920's, the stranger turns out to be a cop killed in active duty a few years before she was born, how could she know what lay ahead as Dennis became her guide; her first case wasn't only a double murder, it had deep and powerful undercurrents which caused ripples in the squad room.

Dennis was well liked and respected, despite being too honest to be a cop of the times he was involved with.
  Something didn't jive with our gal, Patti, she began to sense strange things around the rooms and why did everybody-including his own son, Adrian-avoid Bill Chart's old room at the back of the block; the men would make large detours rather than go near the room, was Bill's evil seeping in the wooden floors? And why did she want that as her office? 

 It was no secret, Bill and Dennis couldn't see eye to eye; Dennis, a straight laced guy, honest as a horse and Bill, who many thought had gone to pot after his wife left and turned to the bad; but why would he do it? Patti kept asking herself.

 In "The Dockland Murders" http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0078VZREI you get to read about the start of her fight for recognition as a PI, including some show downs with Bill's son, Adrian Chart. The second section "Back from Ohandsworth" tells the story of Patti's recovery from a tragic incident at the beginning to the first story involving a shooting. The story mentions things which will occur later in the series, such as the Colderone gang in Wichborough and the Army camp on the Ohandsworth route.

 Book 2 in the series is called "Ghosts of your past" http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0080LR4M8 this story centres on Patti's return and her feeling she is being watched by ghosts from her past, including Adrian Chart.

 I started book 3, which was designed to link the other stories as Bill and Dennis try to talk her out of going into battle with the Colderone gang, and then accept the inevitable and try to devise an escape plan for her. "Hunted Down" was to be a huge combine of story elements, not only gang fights but a supernatural element, as Patti chats to a soldier form the base about spirits in the area and how nobody will stay in the desert after nightfall. 
Even though there was a strong element of the supernatural in the story, I didn't think of doing the crossover story "Vortex" until some months later, for some reason this story began to change into a Mark Johnson type of story and the crossover was an idea to try and save one or other of the stories.

 When I stopped writing the stories, there was an open end for the story depending on the amount of interest, towards the close of "Hunted Down" there is a car chase and a gun fight in which Patti is seriously injured-it was at this point I decided to write Bill Chart's version of the original background to the first story. 
 These stories have been recommended for authenticity by a former friend of mine, who is an ex-police sergeant in Australia and like book 2 of Chronicles, these stories gave me many bad nights as I wrote the eerie sections-but like book 2, you'll have to take my word for it as nobody was interested enough to get a copy and I killed the set.

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