Monday, 16 December 2013

Ode to the blurb

 A few years ago I was asked to write blurbs for a couple of people I knew on Bookrix, one was a young lady and the other a man my age-what became of them? The young lady is now a selling writer and the man got offered work in an anthology which led to book sales and my thanks-none :(

I did offer my services on line for a small fee but had no takers.
What I find hard to believe is the amount of people who don't know what a blurb is.

The easy description to understand is a blurb is a taster of the book and usually goes in the front page or on the back cover-this is your chance to sell the book.

Other things to take into account are the differences to a synopsis.
I hate writing a synopsis, yet I am good with blurbs.

A synopsis is what you write to a publisher, giving as much detail as you can to let them decide which area to market the book, this usually takes about four pages.
The blurb is what you pitch to the buyer and needs to short-remember .You may think getting to the shelf is the hard bit, baby you ain't seen a thing; once there you have only a short time to convince your buyer and this is where the skill comes in.

Whereas the synopsis needs to tell as much detail as possible, a blurb is required to be as brief and mystifying as you dare, a good blurb leaves the reader wanting to know the answer to questions posed on the cover.

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