Sunday, 29 December 2013


Last year I was on the site LinkedIn and to some extent it was one of the few which worked reasonably, however and this is a big problem on the site, I didn't feel LinkedIn as much as pushed out.

There is a faction on the site which support Stephen Hise and hold him to be the be all and end all of Indie Publishing and to this end the members of Julia & Jasha's group came under regular attack as my friends and I do not consider Mr. Hise to be more than a small man with an oversized ego, fed by people of the same ilk. To prove my point they took me to town over something I said about him getting me to re-write a piece to suit him -- and totally missed my point -- their argument was based on an attack on my writing, which at the time I admit lacked the polish Julia has given it. My article was not about the fact I had been rejected, but about being forced to re-write the article so many times in the end I was writing HIS article not mine.

Julia has emailed me a few interesting articles from LinkedIn, and I have been tempted to rejoin on a few occasions, but other factors come into play too. Other than our group and AuthorU ran by Dr. Judith Briles --- who invited me to join -- I never felt comfortable in any group. I always felt as if I was looked down on because I couldn't afford nice covers, but when you're an Indie and you only get $0.30c  an e-book even $25 is a lot of sales to make before you break even.

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