Monday, 23 December 2013

Kolchak and The Big Bang Theory

 Sometimes my memory astounds me, as it did tonight when I linked a little known series about a reporter with a hit series about four geeks who talk about science, the same way most guys talk about NFL. 

 Years ago I watched Kolchak and tonight while watching the dvds a voice stuck in my memory from all those years ago-but how could I remember it? I have an almost infallible memory for names and faces. On checking the lady in question, her name rang no bells but the voice called back to my memory; all these years and it stayed with me.

Back in the 70's UK TV got flooded with US shows, some good and some diabolical and one of my favourites was "Rhoda," at first I thought she had been in that show, but on her IMDb file there was no link. I found out that despite being in work, other than the three times she played the character in Kolchak, the lady had not made much impact until she played Mrs. Wolfwitz in "The Big Bang Theory," and in my opinion the years have treated Carole Ann Susi well; she has got rid of the puffy face and though her face has acquired a sharper edge, it is far prettier. 

Perhaps it was the hard nasal tones which stuck in my mind, on her profiles there is no indication of her place of birth.

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