Saturday, 28 December 2013

When I log on to the site there is a post which says "In three years time which social media will you be using and why?"

 They way I feel at the moment, they should have added "If you are using a social media in three years?"

 As the days go by, I get more and more disillusioned with the so-called wonder of the internet, having tried Tumbl'r. Twitter,LinkedIn, Scrib'd, Book City and about half a dozen more, I can honestly say that other than StumbleUpon nothing has impresses me. My Weebly blog was good but its cost to run out-weighed any good it did. FB is good for chatting to friends and would be the only other site I would use, mainly because I am writing a series of articles for a friend's page .

So, my answer would be- IF -- and that is a big if -- I am still using the social media in three years, I will be probably using my free Google blog, StumbleUpon and FB, much as I do now.

My disillusionment is borne out of the fact that with all the permutations of links on line, nobody really cares to read this; on a good day I get about 100 to 150 readers. As for using the internet as a sales tool --forget it -- only two things count when selling, money and connections.

None of us can say we will be here in three years, but it is a good question for me to consider with the findings from the surgeons about my health over the last few months. I was born with which meant I had poor tissue structure and scarred badly. This year I found I also had which meant the left ventricle of the heart was malformed -- this is a disease usually found in young athletes who drop dead for no reason and two years ago I was diagnosed with which is usually a disease of heavy smokers, I caught it from inhaling years of second-hand fumes from my parents, as the only thing I smoked was a pipe and I gave up many years ago .

At the best of times the COPD makes breathing and talking very hard, but now I have Laryngitis as well, so breathing is similar to having somebody driving a rasp down my throat and the COPD make coughing extremely painful.

I have for a long time had a phobia of dentists -- it goes back to my school days and having a person kneel on your chest to extract a tooth didn't help -- but until this year, I had no worries about hospitals having had two operations in my teens.

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