Monday, 23 December 2013

It's a typical Mark Johnson day

When I watch this video I shot at Scarborough, I remember the words of a former friend in Australia, she said, "That looks cold," LOL.  I am not surprised, I was on the NE coast of England in late Summer, 2010. On this side of the country there is no Atlantic Drift to warm the seas, only the icy cold of the North Sea fed by the Arctic winds and the Baltic Sea.

 "It's a typical Mark Johnson day," Phil Moore's oft quoted expression about a stormy day with the seas running high, to which Mark replied, "You don't get the good shots sat on your bum in the storms!"
 I can see Mark out on the cliffs at his beloved Scarnby-on-Sea watching the gulls as they fight the swirling winds and listening from his simple hide to the clanking of the bells in the cove as the raging tide swells below and rattles the bells to warn sailors. 
 Now and then taking a look at back at the charred remains of his old house with a tear in his eye and remembering the good times he had there, before he was forced to burn the house down. 
Why did he burn his home down? I would tell you, but the start of the story is told in "The Descent of Mark Johnson,"
 In the words of Julia, my editor, this story is so dark and scary; it is the a great account of a man going through a mental breakdown as his soul searches deep for the revenge of the wrongs he has suffered. But, again you will have to take the word of a lady who went to Harvard for the comment. As nobody bought either book and I killed the series, and now only Julia and my friend Ruth and possibly reviewer Fran Lewis in New York will see book 3 "Mark Johnson returns."

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