Monday, 9 December 2013

How I lost

 October 2012 became a good month for me; I beat my harshest critic in a writing contest ran by her friend and I won the award for Chronicles of Mark Johnson, then apart from the joy of working with my editor, Julia, everything turned ugly.

 Things started as soon as it was known I had won the award; first 'friends' on Facebook shunned me-I put this down to the fact I won an award despite a lack of college based education or working on a course. Then my critic launched on on line attack on my work, her actions had constant ripples which lasted until now. Not only was I pushed from a chance of getting work, but the two people who were ahead of me in the contest have been offered work in anthologies and the person who came third didn't need the work as he has a contract.

I continued to write throughout the year and despite Julia saying book 2 of Chronicles was better than book 1-The Descent of Mark Johnson hasn't sold a copy. The only works from this year which sold were a couple of sales for "Forgestriker" and a copy of "The Love of the Sea," the rest of the sales were made up of "Holding Richmond."

 For the last year and a quarter I lived on the small victory I gained over my critic, but in the end it was her victory-her goal was to block me and she achieved this-I realise she was jealous of my imagination and following on Bookrix; the following came from readers who enjoyed the stories not people wishing to stay with the 'In crowd."
 I may have won a small battle, but I paid dearly for such small solace; the people who came first & second got asked for work and I ended up with nothing :( I tried all sorts of plans and nothing worked.

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