Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Does my work have creditability?

 I asked myself this question today, in light of information gleaned from a comment by a friend in the USA.

Three years ago when I started my writing I was writing ghost stories and gaining a reputation for chills and thrills, but today I look at my work and see a huge difference in my reputation as a writer-and wonder-do I still have creditability?

 This year most of my reputation appears to be centred around my work for the children's charity books written by the Peacock Writers and that is the point I make-I don't have a reputation-the books are combined works, others at PW have sold books and gained reputations for their work, while my reputation has been lost to the public.

 I made a reputation on ghost stories and yet none of my stories have sold outside of charity anthologies, I keep asking the same question-do I have a reputation? And I keep getting the same answer-not any more!
How can you have a reputation, if your books don't sell?

My most popular work is "Old Church Ghosts" and yet none of the editions I put out have sold, the only version which sells is in the anthology "A Spooky Fall Harvest."
 I feel I am letting both the readers and myself down badly, yet what can I do, if nobody wants to buy my writing?
And where to go from here? I have changed genres and covered most of them at some point in my work and yet-nothing clicked.

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