Saturday, 21 December 2013

Nerja, Glacier of Death & Canadian Memories

Continuing the series which tells the background to my stories, this week I give you "Nerja" and "Glacier of Death." also linked to the two fiction stories is my short travel story "Canadian Memories.
 If you have read the others in the series you will realise few of the stories I write are like the ideas which formulated the plots and these are no different.
 The origins of my second best selling story go back to the afternoons when I would watch and listen to Landscape TV. I have had a love affair with saxophones for many years, the sound is right for many of my stories and I used the tracks from two friends as backing to other stories Buzz Hendricks supplied the backing to Pat Canella stories and Lee Fitzsimmons did the backing to both Chronicles and The Word. 

 I was watching the track Nerja played by David Roach, the track showed a light aircraft flying over the Manchester skyline and I came up with a totally wicked idea-what if the plane disappeared with all the people in skyscrapers watching? What a crazy thought. 
 I started to write my story, but the name Nerja conjured up the Native Anerican image for me and so the story you know about the plane across the ice fields took place. 

The idea for the follow up to the hit story Nerja arose many years before I wrote the story. I was flying across Greenland on my way to Edmonton to meet Faye, and looking out of the window all I could see was mile after mile of ice floes and I thought "What would it be like to be trapped down there?"
The story took over from Nerja and was originally written to be a rescue story about a prisoner trapped on the ice after a plane crash leaves him and his guard at the mercy of the elements, but again the story took on a life of its own. 
This wasn't the original plot either as I had intended the story of Glacier of Death to be a manhunt between an RCMP officer and a criminal he had brought to justice; who escaped en-route to Edmonton and went on the run in the outback.
Canadian Memories was my entry in a travel writing contest on the site Bookrix and was written as a loving tribute to my lovely friend Faye, who died in December 20009. The book contains some of the photos I took during my two stays at our house-which was demolished the following year. This was written in haste, it was a contest entry and I didn't have a lot of time to get the story in, I had intended to bring out another version, but a lack of interest in Canadian Memories killed that idea.

All the cover shots were taken by me during my stay-Nerja shows a photo of Lac La Biche, Alberta; this was taken on the final night Faye and I had together. Glacier of Death & Canadian memories were taken over Greenland-the area which exploded in 2011. The final shot was taken on the route from Lac La Biche to Bonneyville, Alberta; where we went to meet Marge, Faye's middle daughter.

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