Thursday, 12 December 2013

An unusual state of affairs

Watching the blogs reads Vs the sales figures over the last two years made an interesting state of affairs-the reading was headed by the US, but most of the sales went to the UK. Not that it meant a lot considering how few people bought my cheap books compared to those who enjoyed a FREE read.

In times of reading about Karen Dale's NY best sellers/ Shaun Allen and Todd Brown's zombie success, don't forget Danny Kemp's film contract, and not forgetting my former Aussie friend whose sales rocketed from twenty a month to fifteen a day, with my help. All I ever wanted was ONE month with ten e-books sold and I would have been happy, but as it won't happen I had to content myself with struggling to a ten book QUARTER :(

I will see what the next six months bring and make a final decision-is it worth trying to live a fifty-two year old dream? Or should I call it a day? I don't expect any changes in the wind, why should I? I came to the conclusion months ago without money and/or connections I have no chance especially after I got royally shafted last September by one person.

I may have beaten my harshest critic in the contest on Facebook, but she won as her plan to block me succeeded. The person who won got offered work, the person who came second got offered work; I got pushed to fourth and this is how I end up, begging for nickels and dimes, and what about the person who came third? He had a contract, so he was safe.

According to some people I am a great story teller and I am making great leaps in my writing, but the bottom line reads the same to me-three things count and always will-money, connections and the ability to get a celebrity to say they like your book.

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