Wednesday, 18 December 2013

An unhappy anniversary

 Writing a thank note on a new Facebook group I joined tonight, reminded me of things which happened 35 years ago during my RAF days. 
 The week before Christmas 1974 we finished our basic training and at the time I didn't realise how much damage I had done to my ankle playing hockey.
 It was only two and a half years ago, when the tendon tore that I realised I had been walking on an injury which could have ripped open any day.

This was taken on that rainy Friday in June, 2011 when the tendon tore and there is only slight improvement, despite physio, because of my Ehlers Danloss condition I don't even have the 4%-6% chance of the operation being a success. My condition eliminated any possibility of the operation as I would risk infection in the scarring.
This is how I looked on the day before the final cast came off on Sept 22nd, 2011. On October 9th, the tendon tore again, this time not even physio could help me.

Today is the 35th anniversary of the injury

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