Thursday, 12 December 2013

After further thought

 This week I started to re-write book 2 of Chronicles of Mark Johnson using tips from the course I am on, then I realised the futility of the project. Book 1 was an award winner over a year ago and both books had great reviews from Fran Lewis, but nobody cared about that-why should I?

Bad books can ruin your reputation as a writer-to be ruined you need something to get damaged-and my rep is of no worry to me any longer, as a non-seller what can I lose?
 When I finished my current WIP, I was planning on launching into a major work called "The Indie Wars," this would have dwarfed "The Love of the Sea," which to date is my biggest tome-but again, why bother? Nobody has bought anything new of mine this year.
 The third fatality is the follow up to my third best selling book "Did we see him?" "Did we see them?" is under way and had been on the back burner since June, but again I come back to the old situation-who is interested? And I get the same reply-nobody.

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