Saturday, 14 December 2013

A great joy

 Over the year, many things changed for me, but one of the constants was writing for the children's charity "The Peacock Writers."                                  
 We are a group of fourteen writers/designers and editors who give freely of our time to try and help children and families in need, any books sold go to the charity funds and we NEVER see a dime of the proceeds. Paula told me I am a great promoter for our charity a few months ago on a friend's blog.
 In "Snowflakes on My Lashes" I wrote a poem about a black kitten and a short story about two of our dogs who are no longer here, but enjoyed their time playing in the snow one year.
 I was a part of the group for some months before my friend Paula Shene asked if I would contribute to last Halloween's edition "A Spooky Fall Harvest."  I readily donated a story about the cats in my family.

 For the Spring edition I wrote a story about some dragons and the romantic love they shared in a special cave.

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