Sunday, 4 August 2013

What a prospect!

All editors at some point make typos, nobody is able to correct every error and most don't make a lot of of difference. 

 However, I did notice one in  a book I read which would have made a good match-up.

 At the end of the book "A Spider's web" by  Nigel McCrery (Silent Witness) he wrote the New York Giants - seen in blue - played the New York Mets in the Super Bowl.

  At first reading this may not seem amiss apart from a HUGE error; as most US sports fans will tell you, the Giants are a NFL team and the Mets are a baseball team and can never meet in the Super Bowl.
 The Giants can play the Jets in the Super Bowl or the Mets can play the Yankees in the World series.

 Was this a typo that got passed?
 My theory is that as the books are sold in the UK and most of the readers would have little or no knowledge of the meanings, the editor let the typo go.

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