Thursday, 22 August 2013

Unexplained events

This is a photo of the house I stayed at on my visit to Canada to see my late friend, Faye.

 The following story is true and I have not found a reason for what happened as the events defied logic.

 On two occasions I spotted a bright white beam coming from the sky, while I was sat in the front room, which was behind the gazebo on the left.

 Twice I saw the beam, straight as a ruler and as wide as two rulers; I am sure it was the same beam as it had the same shape and form on both viewings.

 It came down for a second and by the time Faye glanced in the direction it had gone.  One theory is it was from the lights of lorries as we were not far from the main road to Yellowknife oil site from Edmonton, but if that was the case-why did the light not spread out the further it got from the road? 

And to further dispel this theory, we were behind two stands of trees-what are the chances of a headlight passing through all the trees and remaining a constant beam?

 Also, the beam came down not across the area to us. 

The other theory I heard was it was a light from a S&R helicopter; we were close to the lake at Lac La Biche and choppers did go from LLB to various destinations, but I keep coming back to the beam, all lights spread the further they get from the source until they are so far away they fade.

 For this to be the case, the source of the light had to be right above the house and on both occasions when I went out, the night air was silent.

  Although not connected. the next incident beggars the odds of it happening-I was walking across St. Gregory's Square in Cheltenham, England and the spotlights on the corners swivelled to point to one area, the same as searchlights would if hunting an enemy plane.

 I wonder what the odds would be of all four lights hitting the same area when I passed by?

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