Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Under siege

When I started on this road, friends told me it may take up to ten years to get recognised as a writer; at that time I realised I had a long wait ahead but I hoped the end result would make the test of time worth it and I thought I had the strength to last out the siege, mainly because friends believed in my work, even if I didn't. 

 November, 2012, I had the fortune to have a great editor take me under her wing even though she knew I couldn't pay her for her time- a matter which to this day I am ashamed of as I don't like to be given favours which I cannot repay - in March, 2013, we agreed to work together for another year and find out the results of our time. 

 The results of our time are already known, after an eight month project to write and edit the follow up to the award winning Chronicles of Mark Johnson, the book came out in June, 2013 and died on its feet.

 Siege mentality succeeds when the people under siege have a stronger will power than the people holding the siege, I started out with good intentions but I don't think I can last out more than another year. 
 This mentality is dependant on belief in your aims which to me would mean a few sales.
 At the present I feel like the Germans at Stalingrad, I am fighting a battle in which I am losing faith and any sale should be a victory, so, why do I keep feeling I am not gaining ground? 

 The reason I feel I am losing ground is because contrary to the opinion of friends and their never ending faith in my writing- something I am very grateful for - the general public will never see or hear about me because I have no money for publication or connections to push the book out to be seen. 

 This fact has been re-enforced because I put for a sale a book with a half-naked couple on the cover which had over 3,000 FREE reads in as many months on my blogs and yet in a year it did NOT sell one copy. 


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