Friday, 23 August 2013

Restrictive writing

When I started on the journey to be a writer one of my goals was to have work in the anthology of Black Library alongside names such as Dan Abnett, James Swallow and Graham McNeil; a bit ambitious for a beginner but something to aim towards. Last year I was informed the company only does an on line version these days, Okay, I can live with that, my wish can be fulfilled yet.

A few weeks ago the realisation dawned on me, it must be hard writing for the Black Library as all the stories are set in a world with strict adherence to rules and how things are permitted to work, as a writer I would find this aspect too stifling as my work is not rigid and my fans like the aspect where anything can and usually does happen on the turn of a dime.

In November I had planned to go the annual two day gathering of Warhammer fans in Nottingham, England, but my illnesses have not permitted me to travel. After my tendon injury I developed a train phobia and I am afraid of falling between the train and the platform having watched a video where it happened to a lady, true, she was drunk.But my tendon could tear and throw me to the ground, also an old inured shoulder prevents me from carrying weights too far and I cannot lift my case. 

It is a great pity to miss the gathering as I would have liked the opportunity to ask the authors what it is like to write with such strict controls on your imagination.

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