Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Not here

A year ago a former friend rated my in the top 7 bloggers she read, today I hardly blog; she also said I ran a reasonably popular FB group, this month the group will probably close as far from flourishing it has died. 
 In the months since the original blog post about those days, a lot of water has fallen into the bottomless pool which rests at the bottom of the waterfall. 
The main facts are people are only interested in FREE reads of my work-for a while I didn't object as I was being read, but now I see no point to continuing the trend. I came to the conclusion a short time ago, no matter what I write nobody will buy it, not even if I put a semi-naked lady on the cover. 
 At the time of writing her article, I did not operate the Weebly blog, today with the second blog operating I am running behind the days she was talking about.
I tried to promote my stories on FB and every page I created got less likes and response than the previous one, to the extent although I will keep the account, I will not be using it as it becomes more like Bebo each day; flooding with game after game after game, none of which I have time for nor the interest to play. 
When I close down, there will be no good wondering about my loss of coverage, after two years of trying to promote my books - it is over - if I can't sell a story or a book with a naked lady on the cover, I see no point in going further with Amazon and the chance of sales. 
 I will continue to write for a few close friends but as for the rest of you- farewell, you won't miss me as I have nothing more to say :(

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