Friday, 23 August 2013

Marmite books

I can see the looks on your faces and before we go any further, this article is not(!) about cooking LOL 

A "marmite" book is a work about which opinion is split into Love or Hate-hence the title.

The most recent edition being 50 Shades of Grey, which according to Amazon has as many lovers as detractors and very few in between reviews. 

Another example is Stephen King's "The Colorado Kid" upon which the TV series "Haven" is based-other than the main idea, there is little connection to the story; which is based upon a real mystery from 1940's in Sydney. 

 I can't vouch for 50 Shades as I have not read the book, but to me, "The Kid" is a great stand alone story. Fans hated it because the story was so different from what SK usually writes, but are writers not allowed to expand their scope-I know I keep changing genres-and this keeps the readers coming back.

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