Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Empty threats don't worry me

In my email today was a letter from Amazon asking for tax details, they said if I couldn't give them the details by October, my books wouldn't be for sale there. 

 I say-"Roll on, October!" 

 Why is this an empty threat to me?

 At the ridiculous price I have to charge to get a sale-$0.30c a book-I might as well give the work away. 

 To make any money I need to clear $10 in a month, which means I need 30 sales-hell I haven't even had a 10 sale month in two years.  I have made about the required monthly sales in two years on Amazon.

 I might lose the coverage which Amazon gives, or will I? Amazon is a huge market place of which books are a  small section and my portion is tiny-what chance do I have?

 I reach far more people on the blogs than on Amazon and I know these people are looking for me-if you go to a market for eggs, do you expect to buy shoes.

 A jellyfish covers more area than a crab, but has far less substantial effect owing to its lack of form-better to be a crab than a jellyfish.

 If they do cut me off, my books will transfer sales to Kobo or direct from me. If you buy from me, at least I will see the money and it won't go into a slush fund for some gigantic corporation.

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