Monday, 12 August 2013

Can you redeem your soul?

As nobody is interested n buying the books, here is another Chronicles instalment for you to enjoy.
The rain beating relentlessly on the car roof reminded the group of the terror which they had been forced to listen to in Annette’s voice as she fought for her life at the end, realizing against hope her only chance was hoping Mark hadn’t  crossed into the darkness of his soul too far and may see sense and stop and yet at the same time she fought the realization any sense of perspective as lost and she was the originator of her death at his hands, whether it be the physical the death here at the abbey or her final outcome in her realm; she knew she would have to fight this monster she created with her evilness, although she didn’t hear his promise; the malice on his face as he tormented her showed her he would take the struggle to any and all places she chose to try to cleanse his soul of her evil presence and she realized Mark had considered his future plans long before the night of terror started; this fact scared Annette as much as the violence she had released as this showed how deep and damaged his soul became and  the fact he was willing to sacrifice everything to rid himself of her. 

The car drove along the road, leaving Wharfemere Abbey behind them. Rachel said to Mark, “You’re going to leave Annette at the abbey, bleeding and helpless for those creatures to prey on, are you!” 
  He turned to Rachel and said, “After the way she treated me, leading me to believe she loved me and walking away, blaming me for changes I made to please her and saying I wasn't the same person. Can you blame me?”

Through her tears she replied, “But, Mark, this is not the real you. We realize she drove you to doing this but don’t you have any feelings left for her, even on a basic level as another human being?”

The answer was what she expected but not with the speed with which he replied. In a heartbeat and without requiring the need to think of a reply, he said, “None whatsoever.”

Lost for words Rachel said, “Okay you made the point.”

The car drove through the rain, leaving Wharfemere and Annette further behind and Phil asked Mark, “Are we expected to see the old Mark back sometime?”

Mark thought for a few seconds before he said, “Without a doubt, now I purged myself, I am on the way back.”

 “I 'm so, so glad!”  Rachel sighed with relief, “I was afraid we had lost you for good, for a few minutes I shuddered; especially with the cold way you answered my question.”

The abbey disappeared from sight as Rachel took the road back to Carnmouth and onto the house where Mark lived in solitude.

The group of friends realized Mark needed to be alone for a while to come to terms with what he did. The car drove through the dark streets and Mark kept saying the mantra, until Phil had endured it too long and called out, “For the love of which God you worship, shut that crap up, Mark, I can’t say about the others but it’s driving me mad!”

The sudden outburst shook P.A. so much, he barely missed going into a ditch as he fought his shock at hearing Phil yell at Mark; they were life-long friends and been through hell and back but never had things got this bad, “Has Phil endured too much this time?” he wondered as the car pulled up to Mark’s house.

As P. A. cut the engine Mark opened the passenger door and got out of the car; as he headed back to his dingy home, walking down his muddy path he turned and called to them, “I will be in touch.”

“I hope he’ll t through the night, he had many demons before this and now I fear his mind will torment him more,” P.A. said with a sadness which he couldn’t hide, “he was my best pupil, so much power in his mind and now I fear what he’s capable of doing.”

“Only time can answer that question, I am afraid,” Rachel replied, the sadness obvious from her tones.

P.A. left Mark’s house with a last glance back and turned his attention to the road, his mind ill-at-ease, he had witnessed Mark’s determination on many occasions and knew how powerful Mark’s mind had been when Mark was his pupil, now he was seeing a totally new and dangerous mind and only his pupil had the power to control it-or did he?

P.A. glanced in the mirror at the huddled friends and said, “I think we’ll need to discuss what we think is our responsibility to Mark and try to help him; but for now, we need some rest; it’s been a harrowing time for all of us.”

Phil glanced at Rachel and said, “Do you think we can help him?”

P.A. didn’t wait to think of his answer, he had thought of the reply as soon as he asked the question, “My dear friends the decision has to come from him; he has to ask for help to show he needs our help.”

Rachel brushed her tears aside and said, “Do you think he will ask?”

With a quick glance in the mirror, P.A. said, “From what I know of his powers and from what we were allowed to witness tonight, I doubt if he’ll ask for a good while, but we need him to realize we’re here for him.”

What P.A. said hit Phil like a hammer, “You said we were allowed to witness; do you think there is more to come?”

P.A. replied, “I hate to tell you, what we saw tonight isn’t even a minute example of the powers I think he obtained in the darkness which is what scares me, Phil.”

In the back seat Rachel was crying harder than ever as she asked, “How far do you think he may go?”

“That, my dear Rachel is a question only he can answer,” P.A. replied as the car pulled into the car park at Phil’s offices, “the only certainty is we need to discuss this incident in a few days time, once we are over the shock and begun to think clearly.”

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