Friday, 26 July 2013


         “Hello folks, this is Carol Caitlin on Zombiewatch for KAZTV!” She began her broadcast from the chopper circling the highway from Highdown to Uggerlow, “hell guys, them zombies are all over the place; Hank, can you take us lower, so I can get some good footage?”
            “I can try, Carol, but the zombies are everywhere and I don’t want to get to low, in case one of the critters jumps us,” Hank replied over the sound of the blades. Hank Phillips had been her chopper pilot since the early days when all she was given was what nobody wanted, things had changed a lot in the intervening years and Carol had become not only a big fan favourite but the media face for KAZTV.
            Hank carefully circled the road and swooped low for her shots, “Hell, Hank, did you see that? They pulled a guy from his car and ate his face off; this will boost our ratings when the show goes out tonight.”
            “Hell, gal, I got enough trouble keeping this old bird flying without having to watch those demons devouring people as for the show it may be a case of if we get back, Carol, the old girl is not looking too good, she was taken out of mothballs for this trip.”
            Below the chopper, the seething mass heaved like a pus-ridden scab waiting to burst on the face of the earth; as far as could be seen zombies covered the land and through the middle was the road from Highdown to Ugglerlow with cars trapped everywhere. Screams from the dying filled the air as the inhuman flow coursed across the road as the spread of evil vileness continued.

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