Monday, 29 July 2013

Time out

A few weeks ago I decided I needed a break from writing and for no reason other than we are in July; I decided August may be the right time for the break, as it turned out I was right.

 On the good side:- Holding Richmond reached 20 sales.
  I had another great review from Fran Lewis, this time for Chronicles book 2

With the sales from "Nerja" and my new Sci-Fi book "Forgestriker,"  this has been the best month for sales since June of last year, which was the BIG month with HR getting a massive 7 sales on its launch amid the Twilight craze; a figure which stands to this day as the largest single sales for a day. 

 The month's sales came to 6, which is only one from equalling the best month.

 On the down side:- Despite mass publicity for months, book 2 of Chronicles followed book 1's failures and has not sold in 3 months.  This meant eight months of work was wasted by my editor, Julia, something I am ashamed of as I cannot pay her, a few sales would have been some payment. 

 I still have not had a 10 sale month and I don't believe I shall get there, twice I made seven with two weeks to go in the month and fell short :(

 I said at the beginning I am taking a time out and I am, when will I return? I don't know. Will I return? Toss a coin and take your choice.

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