Saturday, 20 July 2013

The passing of a gentleman cat :(

R.I.P. Nemo:(

  It is never easy to part dearly loved ones, whether human or pets and It does NOT get any easier the more you see pass across the Rainbow Bridge.

 This is Nemo AKA Sexmaster 2006; this months will be his last. How do I know? 
 I have seen  his symptoms too many times in our cats to forget the look; a lack of care for his fur, a sudden decline in weight, general lack of interest in things, the skin pulled back around the mouth and the look which says, "I am waiting for my time to cross."

 Feline cancer:-even though the month is almost over, I would take even money that poor Nemo won't see the end of the month, from onset to burial is usually about a week; at least he won't suffer too long.

 Let us not dwell on his passing but remember the joy he gave us during his stay here. 

 He wasn't nicknamed "Sexmaster" for nothing, there were many times when he couldn't stop himself and made love to any knee available.  
 There were times when he was hungry but he would always step aside for a lady, like a true gentleman. 
  He came to us with his mother Skye, she had the most glorious white and black fur and sky blue eyes; they never saw eye-to-eye, apart from the instance when the tried to work as a team to catch some pigeons in the allotment.
 My lasting impression of Skye is of a lovely mature cat, who found her inner kitten days before she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge; we had bought a big toy paw complete with a rubber ball on an elastic band and how she loved to play with it, until one day she got so excited she tore it off :) That was it, game over and back to being the Maitre' de; a few days later she died in accident, now they will meet at the Rainbow Bridge and play in peace.

  As a lasting tribute, his picture is in the new book "Snowflakes on my Lashes," by the The Peacock Writers,"   remember the books are for charity, so you will be helping others as well as getting a lasting image of a gentleman cat. 

 R.I.P. Nemo


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