Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Lost Writers

This has nothing to do with my on line serial about the search for lost works  nor does it have any connection to my short story "The Stranger and the Indie," , this is about my search for books which I had started years ago and lost track of over the years, for various reasons ranging from the desire to finish what was a good read to the urge to find the title and author of atrocious book the reasons are as varied as the book's authors.

 Many of you will be surprised to learn that  I read Stuart Stern's medical thriller "The Minotaur Factor," which is about the effects of a new birth control pill and the catatonic state the pill induces in its users.
 Among the others I am tracking down are two by respected doctors; the first is by John Taylor ( who died last year), his book on black holes has been written in a way that non-educational people can grasp the science of matter.  Another respected scientist I read is Carl Sagan , long before Jody Foster made the lack lustre film, I started to read Contact.
 Among the fiction titles I am trying to locate is a book which is set in WW2; the main theme is about a priest who is forced to carry a cross up a hill, so the Germans who mock him for doing this act will allow him to preach his sermons; for a long time I thought the writer was either Harry Patterson or his pen name JackHiggins, mainly because I was reading a lot his work at the time, but I am now leaning more to the belief the book in question in question is "The Keep" by F. Paul Wilson who is one of my favourite writers.

All of the books mentioned previously I wish to re-read, the next book I am trying to track down is only out of the desire to put my mind at ease; the only thing which I remember about the story is the story is about a man tracking a man in France after WW2 because he thinks the other man he is tracking betrayed friends to the Gestapo. My latest acquisition from the searches is "Snake Water" by Alan Williams

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