Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Struck out

 By this I don't mean that I am intending to break into new and uncharted genres for my writing; I did that with almost every story I wrote; which is probably a good reason why they never sold.

 What I meant by "Striking out" is the baseball analogy of three strikes and you're out. 

 Book 2 of Chronicles was hoped to be a saving pitch for both the series and my work ,but, alas I struck out again and after the failures of Pat Canella and Chronicles book 1, I ran out of strikes.

 My US readers will understand what I am going to say next, I am in the position of a batter who falls through the leagues and keeps falling to hit, even if he hits a ball and it goes to ground a few feet in front of him, he considers the achievement as wonderful. I am at the point now with the stories.

 Sales are so bad, if I get ONE sale a QUARTER I am overjoyed - pathetic doesn't come close for somebody once regarded as a good ghost story writer.

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