Monday, 1 July 2013

Realisation time

The realisation of the lack of interest in my Chronicles series is both a sad day for me and the dawn of new era. I realise there are a few people who do like the stories of Mark, Rachel and P A Canella, but you are few and far between, I will continue to write the stories for you but they will be available from me and not going out on general release.

 Sadly, Pat Canella faces the same fate as Mark Johnson, from the start, the story of a rough-tough gal fighting for recognition has done nothing, again for her few fans I will continue to write but again nothing will go on general release.
For general release will be the follow up to Holding Richmond, which is the only book which has sold well and hopefully my medieval series Elfenmere Rescued and the new steampunk story Did we see them?

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