Tuesday, 16 July 2013

One reason for the slump

Whose victory? 

As I am not writing, this gave me the time to re-evaluate something which occurred a while back; and I realise instead of the result being a small victory it as a heavy loss as the bully came out ahead, despite losing the fight. 

In September, I came 4th in a FB contest because somebody ganged up on me; this can never be proved but the evidence tells its on story, for the last week of the tournament a story came in with 274 reads every day; 274 is a unusual number and the reads did not vary until this story got passed my story and then although it only made 3rd, it stopped.

The top two writers got offered contracts and the one that took me out is already a published author; I got taken down ruthlessly, which only proves to me I should have stuck to my original plan and not entered, I saw one name and realised there was no way I would get a look in.

My consolation:- I got a 3rd prize for the 3rd most commented on story only because we could only enter 2 stories.

I may have beat this person, but they achieved their goal too, so who won?
Certainly not me as I lost the chance of a contract to somebody who had one.

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