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NY reviews for Chronicles book 2

Fran Lewis who reviewed book 1 in the series agreed to do book 2 for me and here is her review.

Wharfemere Finale': Alan Place
 Mark Johnson is a man of many different personalities as we learned in the Chronicles of Mark Johnson by author Alan Place. However, sometimes people become jaded after certain experiences. In Mark’s case his personality demeanor became dark, dangerous and frightened those close to him. Mark used to love his life and enjoyed long walks along the cliff and looking at the waves in the ocean. The storm clouds often settled him and the tranquility of area silenced his demons. But, being a journalist was not what he wanted to do anymore. Photographing many stories, scenes and writing about them were his forte until he chose something else. His writing and pictures captured the soul of his subjects but when he decided to go after demons, kill those that possessed houses and took over their spirit something happened to him that would forever change his life and that of others.
Mark when we meet him now seems enraged, out of control and has just completed a job getting rid of demons with the help of his guide Annette and friend Rachel. But, what is revealed next will alert the reader that something dark and secretive has happened to him each time he returns from a job and meets with these demons.
Would you take on being part of a research group that focuses on psychic abilities? Would you want to receive messages from demons that control your every move and at times your mind? Would you want to be able to strike them down and communicate with them? They are not ghosts. They are what Mark refers to as essences.
Mark becomes more reclusive when we meet him and although Phil tries to encourage him to take walks, get out more and eat he becomes more of a hermit and allows the demons to control his mind. With the help of his friend he completes several more jobs, rids the homes of demons but the end result is something that no one expects or cares to deal with. Mark has crossed over to the dark side and is now someone else. Possessed you might say by these spirits that are evil even his actions mirror those of the many he has killed. The smile on his face, the voice you will hear will not be the same one you heard before as Mark is no longer Mark.
Each time Mark confronts what he thinks he sees in these houses or the person that he thinks is there something within him changes.
 Mark has decided to live in seclusion and has begun to alienate everyone including Annette. Discounting her love for him and her feelings he has decided that being alone without her is the right thing. Tormented by his inner most demons and not able to come to grips with what happened at North Moor, Mark suffers greatly in many ways. Can Phil find out what he wrong?
 The past has a great affect on his future and the present as Mark finds something hidden away in his attic and when Phil realizes what it might be he enlists the helps of a friend. P.A. Canella is a writer of his “Dark series,” and never fails to inspire and challenge audiences and readers with his work. Working with Phil they hope to find out how to help Mark but not before he takes on a challenge that could cost him his life. Every time he goes after demons something changes within him. Finding special blades and receiving help from his guide Rachel just a crucial moment would reenergize him and let him know that he was not alone. Feeling nothing but dislike and hate for Annette someone needs to find out just how strong her powers are and what she has in mind for Mark.
 Phil Moore is his long time friend and although at times Mark shoves him away he never fails him. P.A. went in search of his agent to discuss his next article and why he feels he needs to change what he is writing about. But, P.A. does not realize how many people value his work and a surprise phone call might just change it all. Many writers are perfectionists and constantly find fault with their own work. Some never feel satisfied and constantly change things and not always for the better. Taking time off P.A. went to Darringby to regroup his thoughts. So, can they get him to this secret meeting to learn of the surprise they have in store for him?
 Mark is definitely more reckless and has been taking more chances. When Rachel discusses Mark with Phil they discuss the changes in his personality, his feelings towards Annette and that he was hunting “vermin,” and implying Annette was in grave danger. Why would he go back to where it all began: Wharfemere Abbey? As Phil relates to Rachel just how fluent Mark was with his new blades that he found in the attic and how he became one with them as if they took him over and controlled his every move.
 Why did Mark invite Phil to Wharfemere? How would he be free of his leftover pain and sorrow? What was his plan? What happens when he faces Annette? From the start of this story we learn of their relationship, the wild ride that caused her to fear for her life and now wanting to rake her on a different kind of ride but she is on high alert. Why is he so angry? Why does he want to scare her? The police are helpless. Annette is deathly afraid and Mark has crossed over can anyone stop what he has planned?
 From photojournalist, demon fighter and now demon you might say. “The Blades of Elfenmere” so powerful they can control the bearer. An ending so dramatic only author Alan Place can deliver it making readers wonder just what Mark has in store for Annette, his friends and himself. Friendships betrayed, loyalties severed and one man so evil, demonic and whose powers allow readers and his friends to see what he wants them to see. Illusions: sometimes they are created to make you think something is happening but is it? What is in store for these people you won’t know until the author writes the next chapter.
 Fear, terror, pain, treachery and deceit are just some of the themes within this short book. Mark is lost but how far gone ahs yet to be determined. The spirits have taken over in more ways than one and the demons more powerful as Mark has cloned his own you might say. An ending quite surprising, graphic and a group of friends praying for Mark’s salvation and redemption. Author Alan Place places readers on high alert: the worst has yet to come.


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