Thursday, 25 July 2013

In Metrocore

 The Lost Writers.
At Metrocore

With a backward glance they walked away from the mysterious building which remained a black smudge on the map, this turned into the start of a new and exciting quest as Jerome needed to find what wonders lay inside and why the large and regal building became neglected. The walk back to Metrocore HQ took a little less time tonight than usual. Jerome and Darrel began to feel the harsh wintery winds as they walked back which quickened their step. 

“After finding this building in the city, not only will we become newsworthy but this will boost the role of SRA and encourage people to look further afield for reading than what became available through the usual channels; which were controlled by the major institutes at Populace,” Jerome thought as he walked back.

Populace was a writer’s nightmare, the institute had total control of your writing from inception to final product and they controlled who, where and when you sold your work and their goal became to gain mind control, slowly and excruciatingly they drained your creative spirits; forcing more writers to seek underground groups such as the SRA. The good part was the freedom to write but the bad part remained how to get attention for the writing?
Metrocore’s towers over-powered you as you stood at the entrance to the huge building; the history of the building tells you it had been a huge cathedral before the Indie Wars. Inside the towers that made this writer's den, it was hard to see why so many good writers had beenbrushed aside or vanished into obscurity with so many people working too locate lost works, but the Indie Wars of the last century had forced more of the fringe writers to join Metrocre as they became disenchanted with treatment from Populace.

Metrocore’s rule became the byword for free thought and their slogan was daubed on the walls of populace during many night raids, “Let your imagination guide your writing. WE are here for YOU.” Many of the new recruits had doubts about this, but within weeks most were converted to believers as the writing flowed through them.

Jerome and Darrel stood in awe of the workers at their stations, each tracking a recent possible find of importance, the importance lay not in the size or popularity of the once-known writers but in finding somebody new and exciting to read, sometimes an obscure writer’s work had Metrocore abuzz with chatter, “I never cease to wonder, how many unrecognised writers we have yet to locate, Darrel,” Jerome commented.

Darrel had been viewing the large scale map of the area on their route and after many minutes of close study, he said, “It’s got me beat, even on the full maps the building isn’t logged and these maps are based on old information, going back beyond the wars; perhaps the Archivist Section can help us, I know Marty’s office holds a vast collection of maps yet to be logged onto the mainframe.”

Jerome toyed with the idea of whether to search out a “finder” or go and see Marty and decided talking to his friend may be more beneficial, as Marty had been in Metrocore for as long as anybody cared to recall and there was a rumour he started the group.

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