Monday, 8 July 2013

Ghosts don't dance


Carolann and James made the perfect couple; she with her auburn hair tied in bows and looking pretty as a princess and James proudly by her side with his dark brown hair swept back; gaily they danced the night away under the moonlight, their love clear for all to see as they glided across the dance floor.

  Friends had been invited to the house that April evening to hear an important announcement; many had an idea it may be an engagement as the couple had been close friends since childhood and played in the fields, she was the princess and he had been her beau back in the halcyon days of childhood dreams, the music rang out across the floor as the orchestra played music from Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Schubert, Mozart and Bach.

            In the late Spring, with the windows open the scent of Honeysuckle drifted through the thin curtains of the windows as the ladies took the hands of their gentlemen companions for waltzes and foxtrots, the night was filled with the joyous laughter of the young at pleasure, all the ladies hearts a flutter with the expected news as the evening turned to dusk and the heavenly aroma filled the air.

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