Sunday, 14 July 2013

Ghosts don't dance part 2

The group danced the evening away, the ladies looking resplendent in all their beauty and their beaus so proud of them. Angela looking radiant in her blue dress with gold trim setting off her blonde hair and Geraldine in a yellow dress with green edging swirling across the floor like an angel with her black her flowing over her shoulders; friends from school they had grown together, a bond once tied never forgotten.
            The golden light of the late spring sending tangents of gold across the floor as the men took the ladies hands and lead them for a waltz, always the favourite of the ladies as it showed you had been raised correctly. The soft trill of the birds calling their young home filled the air as the music died away for a moment and the dances stopped at the behest of Carolann, “Friends, I have some good news to tell you,” she started as the buzz of excited chatter grew over the crowded floor, her pause was not for effect; for once the usually boisterous Carolann found herself at a loss for words.
            Gearaldine took Clive’s hand and let him escort her to a chair, “Do you think James proposed to her?” she asked her close friend.
            Clive who was looking dashing in his uniform said, “I am at a loss as I haven’t had a chance to talk to James for over a week and Carolann changes the topic if I ask her.”
            Not far away David and Angela were having a similar discussion as she said, “I think they would make a perfect couple; don’t you, love?”
            David had not been as fortunate as Clive and had been refused entry to the Army, owing to a childhood accident replied, “I am sure if they chose to get married we would be among the first to be told but I sense something is in the air.”
            “What makes you think that, love?” Angela asked.
            David continued, “The way she paused, normally she is so good at talking; if the news is about their engagement you would expect them to be together and excited but look at them.”

            Angela glanced at James who appeared to be nervously turning his glass in his hand if waiting to say something, but didn’t know how to put his words into action which was unusual for him, he was always so sure of his position in the group and yet here he stood on the edge as if trying to be accepted by them. 

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