Wednesday, 10 July 2013

From demon to IDC

Two years ago when I started writing I was writing like a man possessed, two or three 3,500 word short became the norm, to the extent friends were worried about my mental sate; as book 2 of Chronicles progressed they grew concerned that my mental state would induce me to kill of their hero Mark.

 Then I went through a stage when losing a day's work worried me, nut now with the failure of  followed by the lack lustre reaction to and what I think will be my encore' a total flop ; strange as it may appear to you, the failures of Chronicles hurts me so much not because I suffer, but because a modem of success would have been thanks to the many friends who gave their help freely and believed in me, when I didn't.

 I went from being unable to stop writing to worrying if I lost a day's to the situation I am in now - IDC - I Don't Care; it has been days since  did good writing and I am so deflated, I don't care if the projected book 3 of Chronicles or any other stories see the light of day.

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