Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Fear at the abbey

A new start to book 3 of Chronicles.

Annette's pleading could be heard above the lashing rain as the group got in the car. 
Rachel and Phil took the back seat and Mark sat in the passenger seat as P A got in the car. 
  Rachel turned to Mark and said, "You aren't going to leave her out there with the monsters closing in are you, Mark?"

  Mark, never one to miss a chance for irony said, "I did tell her there is a cave about a quarter of a mile away with bandages for her wounds."

  Phil glanced in the mirror and saw Mark's face, streaked with dried blood and dirt and said, "Do you think she'll get there?"
Mark took a quick look behind them and said, "Rachel, when I tore my tendon how far would you estimate I could walk?"

 Rachel shivered as she remembered finding him on the castle wall fighting blind with pain and unable to move, "I would say the length of a car, if you were lucky."

 P A was listening and asked, "I heard your chant, Mark, what did you mean about you fearing no evil as you have the biggest guns and you WILL end this torment one way or another?"

 Mark wiped his hands on his dirt jacket and replied, "Exactly what I said. I left her a clear message, I know I have to go to her realm and take her on there to cleanse my soul."

 Rachel shivered and said, "Do you think you may win?"

 Mark turned to the lady he loved and replied, "Win or lose, the choice isn't mine, Rachel, I need to rid my soul of her."

 Phil commented, "After tonight we are really worried about you, Mark."

 He gave the maniacal laugh again and said, "Better the devil you know, than the one you don't."

 Rachel cried on Phil's shoulder as she said, "That is the point, we don't know you any longer."

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