Sunday, 28 July 2013

Contrary to opinion

 I read an article a few weeks ago which showed the writer was to put it politely "talking through her bottom," she claimed men only read stories written by men because the like the action and violence. 
I can't vouch for others but from my reading list I can name at least 10-15 lady writers I enjoy reading, some you'll have heard of others are not well-known as they are indie writers like myself. 
 Discounting the popular ones like Agatha Christie, Kathy Reiches, the Bronte' sisters, Ruth Rendell and Ellis Peters. 
 Pat Barker, Paula Shene, Yezall Strongheart, Carol Wills, Evelyn Steward, Tammi Hoag, Tracy Williams and Mari Collier too name a few. 

 On the other hand I can name some male writers I dislike such as Wilkie Collins, Louis L'Amour, Cervantes and one whose book was so bad I cannot remember the title or the author and can find no trace of it.

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