Thursday, 11 July 2013

A new side to Mark Johnson

            The car moved slowly away from the abbey as the drizzle turned to rain, making visibility hard and driving treacherous, over the lashing rains and in the fading light the monsters movements had become audible as they smelt Annette’s blood on the air and snorted with delight at the thought of fresh meat. The coldness outside the car did not compare to the chills the passenger felt, trying to come to terms with what Mark was changing into or had he changed already?
            Rachel sat on the back seat with Phil beside her, crying on his shoulder and shivering with horror, Mark sat rocking to and fro in the passenger seat, head down and chanting his mantra, “I will end this one or the other, Annette,” over and over to the point of distraction; beside him in the driver’s seat P A  peered into the gloom and wondering what Mark planned; unknown to them Mark was not on some revenge driven crazed drive, he was meticulously planning each stage to leave no room for the slightest error.
Inside the car the silence and dread had become palpable as none of them knew what to do or say to Mark; or how this new persona which they feared, would react. The car hadn’t travelled far before Rachel spoke, “Can you stop the car, please?” she asked through her tears, as the car drew to a halt by the side of the road, she continued, “you aren’t going to leave Annette out in the cold with those creatures closing in and ready to feast are you, Mark?”
            Mark turned to look at Rachel’s tear stained face and replied, “You recall my sense of irony, I told her the location of a cave nearby with bandages and ointment for her wounds,” he paused for a few second and continued, “IF she can get to the cave.”
            Phil noticed evilness in Mark’s tones which he had never heard and shivered as he asked, “Do you think she can get to the cave?”
            Mark glanced up at the abbey slowly fading from sight in the rain and replied, “Rachel, when you rescued me; how far would you estimate I may have been able to walk?”
            She shivered with the cold and horror of recalling the rescue from the castle wall and replied, “I would estimate in your condition no more than a car’s length.”
            P A had sat quietly listening to the conversation and pondering over Mark’s statement before he got in the car, “Mark, what did you mean when you said you feared no evil and had the biggest guns and you will end the torment one way or another?”
            Mark glanced back to his former mentor and said, “What do YOU think I meant?”
            P A replied, “From your tone, I would assume you intend to take the battle as far as you need and to rid yourself of Annette’s presence; once and for all.”
            Mark gave a gentle nod before he said, “I hope this is your answer and to do this I need to go to her realm and fight on her terms.”
            While he wiped the blood and dirt off his hands, Rachel asked, “Do you think you may win?”
            Mark turned to his old friend and replied, “Win or lose, I am left with little choice, Rachel, I need to cleanse my soul of her presence and the battle requires me beat her on her terms for total victory or …”
            Phil shuddered in the seat as he thought about Mark’s pause, “Don’t think about losing, Mark, you are able to beat worse than her but after tonight we’re worried about your sanity.”
            Mark gave him a wicked grin and winked before he said, “Better the devil you know, than one you don’t.”
            Rachel commented, “You crystalised our worries, Mark; we don’t recognize you any more which is scary.”
            The group sat in silence for a few minutes before the air was torn apart by a terrible scream from the abbey, “What was that?” Rachel cried into Phil’s shoulder, even though she didn’t need to ask and feared what Mark may say.

            Mark looked at the abbey and said calmly, “Feast well, my lovelies.”

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  1. A few comments from my editor, Julia, on the start of the new book That's good on three levels:
    1. You're building up a real sense of horror.
    2. You almost have that semicolon thing totally beaten!
    3. You seem to be beginning to proofread and check your work pretty carefully before sending it out.