Friday, 28 June 2013

Promotion not writing

You are probably aware that I promote the good work of The Peacock Writers, a group I am proud to be a part of . 

I usually also write for  the group, however, the book coming out in the Spring of next year is on bullying and as much as I would love to contribute, my story would cause a great row as it involves people directly and indirectly involved in other groups who over the period of 2011 took turns to pillory for my forthright opinions, even though I was right and many people on the site we were on jumped to my defence; I was still kept under attack endlessly for months. 
  The year 2011 came to be my "Year of hell" and one I was glad to leave behind me; when I left the site.

  Even though I am not writing I will still promote our books, as this will help others realise bullies are only jealous, weak-minded people backed by a mob of friends who have been bullied into supporting them, or in another case promised false praises for work.

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