Friday, 28 June 2013

A tortured soul

 The Chronicles series is so scary because the man behind them has a tortured soul.  My stories have always been scary and they have lead me to ask friends the question "Do I write good horror stories because I have a twisted mind?"

The usual reply is "No, you are just a damned good story teller and can write good horror stories."

But am I or is my mind twisted?

I think I have a twisted mind and soul.

In view of recent events, where I forgot about a friend's problem and kept on about the stories, I am lead to believe that I do have or have recently acquired a warped mind and soul. 

  I can't put it down to being bi-polar as Graham Greene was bi-polar and never wrote such horrors, so did I turn or was I always twisted and the stories gave me a creative vent?

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