Monday, 6 May 2013

The man in the arch

Many of us see images in the clouds or in the flames of a fire, human nature seeks out familiarity in shapes we see. My late friend Faye always laughed at my ability to find dragons; we had a great laugh when one day this cloud shape appeared in the Alberta sky between Bonnyville and our home in Lac La Biche.
 I can see all sorts of shapes and images that the family miss or perhaps I interpret what I see a different way to others, a point in matter is our ivy arch in the back garden. To most people it looks like an old arch made of cheap steel which has become overgrown by ivy and looks beautiful in its lush green covering in the Spring/Summer and romantic covered in the snow during the winter.

 What I can see in the Spring and Summer is the headdress of some God of the Olden World who resides over the mere mortals in his realm. Just my interpretation of what I see in the ivy on the arch, my vivid imagination is probably a good reason my stories are well liked.

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