Monday, 20 May 2013

The good, the bad and the well I created the hit, so I have to live with the success

 The good news is the Bill Chart PI is a hit on both blogs.

The bad news is that The Word has failed to ignite readers for a final time and although I loved the adventure, nobody else did and this will mean the end of the episodes on line; even though I was getting to the exciting part.

 A slightly better bit of news is that while Algie and Bertie died a death on Weebly, on here they flourish with only Chronicles getting more readers, so you can look forward to more of them

 Finally, the monster I created and must live with still flourishes. I wrote the erotica as Lana Pawcel to create interest in other works of mine, this didn't happen but what did happen was I found out that I may have created a new genre in which I found a readership. The story was so popular (2,000 readers) I may do another in the series soon.

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