Saturday, 4 May 2013

Success or failure

  A recent post on LinkedIn asked "Writers are you afraid of success or failure?" 

 From this would be writer, the answer is easy; it is success I am worried about, why? The answer is many fold but easy to understand, like me it has many facets yet is simple to understand once you have your facts.

 Success for me is to have a month with 10 of sales of one of my ebooks, the closest I have come is 7 on two occasions in 2012. Which is why, I set my target at 10 sales of all books I wrote.

 Despite my posts about not selling, my gripe is not that I am not selling, the gripe is that the same type of books sell when good writers fail; because they chose to write something which they feel, rather than something which sells.

 I accept rejection and failure better than most people, mainly because I never expected to succeed. I have been turned down by 6 small publishers this year and I expect a lot more to come. 
 My worry is that IF I succeed I may be asked to do book signings and I know the thought of putting myself out there is a scary prospect and one I don't relish. I do admire all the authors who do them.

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